Welcome to ICCI Academy E-Learning will continue until the end of the year

About Us


The vision of the ICCI Academy is to create a nurturing environment that provides an intricate balance of education and religion. Through small class sizes, students will be immersed in the most current methodologies that utilize the universal teachings of the Qu’ran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The goal is to establish a solid foundation that will enhance the children’s development in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Arabic, and Islamic Studies. Educators, parents, and community members will all have a vital role in enhancing the students of the ICCI Academy. 


The ICCI Academy started out as a one room classroom with thirteen children in pre-school and kindergarten being taught by one teacher.  It was the goal of the ICCI to create a school to service the needs of our community, and provide its children with an education that surpasses the current educational standards, as well as an enhanced Qu’ranic, Islamic Studies, and Arabic curriculum. 

Principal's Message

Assalamu Alaikum dear students, families, and staff, Ramadan Mubarak:

As you may know the ICCI Academy Ramadan 1441 Hijri-May 2020 Calendar is posted on the school website. We will continue to implement our e-Learning plan on the Microsoft Teams platform. 

ICCI Academy is complying with all ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education) e-Learning guidelines. These guidelines include monitoring and documentation of students’ learning progress during COVID-19 period, developing students report cards, adapting to new grading guidelines, giving students more options for grading such as pass/incomplete, modifying assessment and testing strategies to include projects, participating, writing assignments, and open book testing and other test modification. In addition, guidelines eliminate standardized testing while prioritizing academic progress and attendance records. This record amongst other factors will be used to develop students’ 4thquarter report cards.

For the 8th grade graduation, our students will be able to graduate on time. Students’ files are ready to transfer to any high school. 

On behalf of the graduation commencement, the ICCI Academy will do its best to make sure that its students enjoy and celebrate this amazing experience. So, if the COVID-19 emergency ends by the end of May, we will have a ceremony. If COVID-19 shelter order does not end, the school will have an alternative for this ceremony. These options include that the school may have the graduation ceremony after COVID-19 orders end or we may have virtual graduation party. By the way, the ICCI Academy has already bought graduation gowns, hats, and even diploma covers for 8th graders.

I want to reminder you of the following dates: 

 1. Eid Break:  May 20 - May 25, 2020 

2. Last day of school for the students: May 29, 2020 

3. Report Card Pick up  (or email): June 5, 2020 

Sadly, COVID-19 has not allowed us to perform many other planned activities. These activities include and not limited to the school spring field trip and a special field trip for 8thgrade, graduation pictures, history day, culture day, field day, and many other happy end of the school year occasions.

So, we pray to Allah that our community will be safe and healthy and get out of this pandemic soon. I want also to thank all parents for their patience and cooperation especially who participated in the ZOOM meeting. 

It is with love that I say,

Be safe, continue learning, and keep going ahead. May Allah accept your worship in Ramadan,

Dr. Mohamed Elnatour

ICCI Academy Principal