Mrs. Sawsan Alsawi


Mrs. Sawsan has been the Arabic teacher at ICCI Academy for the past 12 years and is now the principal at the school for the first time. With a bachelor’s of arts in Arabic and Islamic Studies, she has taught Arabic at the Dar Al-Huda Saturday school for 4 years along with being a principal at the ICCI weekend school for two years. Mrs. Sawsan develops and instructs differentiated lessons amongst students in group settings, engages in hands-on learning to successfully create a diverse learning experience, and evaluates/ introduces new textbooks and curriculums each year. Mrs. Sawsan has received a certificate for Tajweed and Recitation from the Islamic Center of Jordan as well as a certificate for the Methods of Teaching from the Jordanian Public School District. 

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Mrs. Summer Darayyad

Mrs. Summer is the administrative assistant at the ICCI Academy. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology degree from UIC and has been working with the ICCI community since 2011. She has been a teacher at the Sunday school for three years and a youth adviser for five. 


Homeroom Teachers

Ms. Walla Suleiman

Being in the Education field for five years now, Ms.Walla is the ICCI Academy's pre-school teacher for the 2018-2019 school year.  She recently graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies of Arts and a minor in English as a Second Language (ESL).  She also has a license certificate in Early Childhood Education through Gateways, which is an Early Childhood Education program recognized and awarded by the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS). Ms.Walla is currently pursuing her Master’s in Early Childhood Education. Before coming to ICCI Academy, she was teaching at a Pre-schoolers setting for nearly three years. She has also taught Islamic Studies and Seerah for two years at the Muslim Community Center (MCC) and Islamic Community Center of Illinois (ICCI). 

“I love kids and I love working with them. I feel I have a special connection with them. I believe every child is unique in a different way. My goal is to enhance learning in a fun way for young children. I want to bring out every child’s uniqueness in a way that can inspire others to learn.”

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Ms. Asma Abuhashish

KG Teacher

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Ms. Ola Ayyad

1st grade teacher     


Ms. Yusra Alwan

2nd Grade Teacher


Ms. Jasmine Abuali

4th Grade teacher

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Ms. Rosa Alhasan

3rd Grade Teacher


Subject Teachers

Ms. Sahar Abutaleb

Mrs.Sahar Abutaleb has been teaching at the ICCI Academy for 11 years now. She has an extensive teaching experience of 25 years in the fields of Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies. She began her career as a teacher in Al- Khaleel School in Jordan where she finished her educational degree. She taught at Muslim Community Center (MCC), Darul Uloom, ICC Islamic Center, ICC in Northbrook, ICCI Sunday School, substitute teacher in MEC, and was the principal of the summer school at ICCI. Mrs.Sahar has taken special courses in Tajweed and attended special seminars. She also attended Northeastern Illinois University for special courses in education. She was also the vice principal of Sunday school for many years, along with being a member of the board of education at the ICCI Academy. Mrs.Sahar's goal is to provide an Islamic Education by teaching Islamic concepts in the light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), and to instill Islamic behavior and manners in the children,  helping them to become proud, practicing Muslims.


Ms. Manal Malluh

Last year, Ms. Manal Malluh was the 2nd grade teacher at ICCI Academy. She is back to being the ELA teacher this year for our upper grades. Ms. Manal has been with us from the start, and this is her 13th year teaching at ICCI Academy. She has been the Language Arts teacher for grades 4-7 for 4 years prior to this one. During these years, Ms. Manal also taught Reading, Writing, and/or Social Studies to these grades. She was the ICCI Academy kindergarten teacher for 6 years then left the United States for two years and worked as an English teacher at the International School of Chouiefat in Amman, Jordan for grades 4-8. Ms. Manal returned to the U.S and ICCI 7 years ago when she taught 2nd grade for the first time. She has an English degree from Northeastern Illinois University with a minor in Linguistics.


Ms. Noor Alkhawam

Math & Science teacher for grades 5-8


Ms. Hala Abuassabeh

Arabic teacher for grades PreK, KG, &  1st.